The Carnivore Diet


I decided to compile my recent research on the Carnivore diet on this page with hopes that having more information will help you make the best decision on what suits you the best in your journey, whatever it might be. 

Some people prefer having it simplified (only meat products - Zero Carb Diet), but here are some examples on some Carnivore influencers and diets (that preach mostly eating meat) done in the USA that I have been following, and the method they are using for their own purposes.

Most of them have YouTube Channel but also podcasts, so you can watch them or listen to them. 

What they have in common is that vegetables and fruits have oxalates, which are the way they protect from predators like us, and basically that is one of the root causes of diseases in humans. The reason why we should thrive on meat and use vegetables and fruits to survive.

Some people argue that a diet with high amounts of vegetables and fruits is a detox diet and should be done seasonally to then purify your body from the oxalates. That is the way animals do it, and the way it used to be when we did not grow everything year round.

I liked the talk between Rob Goodwin and Robb Wolf in YouTube Robb Wolf: Optimizing Performance | Building Muscle on Keto? | Carnivore Shenanigans! To which I made the following comment:

I think that diet type and how often we eat is individual base regardless the benefits that have been found for longetivity etc. I don't want to do what is "right" if I will feel not well. We all know, hopefully,  what's best for each for us. But media/doctors are constantly telling us what to do when deep inside we know it
Paulina R.

The Diets

Finding your macros

It will all depend on your goals, maybe you wish to change in between protocols and see which one suits you the best. 

A friend (thank you Svanlaug, you have been my inspiration!) pointed out to the following calculations to find the best amount of meat to consume, not considering the total amount of kilocalories per day nor fat. 

X3 Nutrition - Ep. #13: How Much Protein Is Needed to Build Muscle?

  • Lean weight in kg * 2 = Grams of protein
  • Grams of protein / 0.2 = Grams of raw meat
  • Grams of raw meat * 0.8 = Grams of cooked meat

However, some people like looking into more macro nutrients from meat as each one of them has different ratios. Just the minced meat alone is not always the same, some is more lean than others.

My personal story

My passion started up recently after I got pointed out to this diet by my boss and a friend after they heard the health issues that I have been struggling with in the last years, where medical treatment has not helped me out.

To be honest, the medical treatment has not helped out as the root cause of my problems is yet to be found. 

Disclosing personal health information about myself, I was diagnosed with PCOS in my teen years. I have suffered from being overweight since I was 10 years old when I weighed 60kg being just about 150cm in height. 

My weight decreased when I discovered that it could be regulated by over exercising and eating little to nothing - anorexia, from which I have not recovered from. It also helped living by myself from age 14, being stressed about life and heavy school work as I had the privilege to attend a very prestigious private school in Mexico with high educational standards. 

Having an eating disorder and disorder eating, and being conscious about it, might be the reason why I am so into finding everything about a fad. Will it cause me to relapse? Will it actually help me?

When me and husband were trying to conceive, we struggled with infertility. We had to have artificial insemination which lead us to be the first couple in Iceland pregnant with quintuplets. Sadly, we had to reduce to three, and our triplets were born alive before time at week 22nd of pregnancy due to cervix failure. 

Life went on, and in 2019 I started to have chronic inflammation which the family doctor said to be “stress”. At that time, I could not eat, I got bloated just by looking at food. I started losing about 1kg weekly, waiting to see a gastroenterologist - although I suffer from anorexia, this was getting to be too much even for me. 

It took me about 8 months for me to get to see the specialist and his answer, without looking into any blood markers, nor physical examination was “you have IBS”. To which we all know is just what the doctors say when they have no better explanation.

Not being satisfied with his answer, I had a second opinion and got to have a colonoscopy and endoscopy. They found a polyp which was then removed, but the second gastroenterologist's conclusion was the same, “you have IBS”. 

At that time, I was not even sure if everything was psychosomatic (all in my mind), and I decided to “give me up” to the eating disorder team at the hospital. I was willing to be forced to eat, maybe it was all indeed in my mind. 

To my surprise, my problems persisted and I was told they had not seen such chronic inflammation persisting even after eating “properly” for several months and recovering a healthy weight. 

I decided then to embrace myself in the journey of healing myself. I hired a nutritionist in the process to help me find out if I had food intolerances, allergies, etc. To my surprise, whatever we tried led to the same = chronic inflammation.

When I mention chronic inflammation I refer to extreme bloatedness in the upper abdomen, a lot of gas, and constipation. All which got better by me not eating, or doing extended walks- catch 22 for relapse.

Giving up again on food, being desperate, trying to find the root cause of my problems and just being afraid of eating, I managed to get the government to subsidise one of those drinks that have “all what you need in a 200ml bottle”. I am not happy with the ingredients nor the caloric content, but those things have helped me feel better, they have helped me have a “normal weight” and at least getting a basic nutrition when I am unable to consume real food. 

From time to time I get fed up with drinking them, and I have eaten, or at least tried to, eat real food for a day or even more until I get to start having the chronic inflammation and I go back to square one. 

I then go for an extended period of healing my gut again and then try once more. 

To be honest, it is not life, I am tired of not knowing what is wrong with me - your mind might be going around “it is your eating disorder you idiot” , well, could be part of it, but I was also eating properly before it all started, living a healthy life, attending to the gym often and building up muscle.

I just started noticing a decline in my health after I donated blood for the second time. I got a phone call to let me know that my blood was not good as my levels of iron had decreased, it got me by surprise as I had been supplementing with iron and I just could not believe it. 

From there, I also managed to get a bone density scan and I was diagnosed with Osteopenia. I do not know now if by this point all of my health issues are related to each other or they are individualised, but at my 33 years I have started losing calcium in my mandibula and my teeth are deteriorating. 

If you are still reading all the way here, do you know of someone who has gone through a similar experience? Do you know what could be causing it all?

I have eliminated most foods, except my all in one medical grade drinks, animal products, nuts from time to time (feeling the need to chew something crunchy). 

I have been willing to try the carnivore diet for healing. However, the times I have tried it, just as with any other food, I start having severe pain after a few days and I have to draw back.