Pálína Georgsdóttir

I am a Business Administrator with passion in creative arts. I want to become a producer. I have a dancing background (have danced in musicals, concerts, competitions). I have experience acting and modeling for commercials and TV shows for over 10 years.
  • Ásthildur - Supporting
  • NOVA Iceland -Supporting
  • Siminn Iceland - Lead
  • Venjulegt Fólk - Supporting
  • Svartir Sandar - Supporting
  • Leynilöggan - Supporting
  • Verðbúð - Supporting
  • Stella Blómkvist II -  LLR Agent - Saga Film Productions
  • AwareGo- Supporting
  • Dilemma - Lead - dir. Sindri Snær Jónsson
  • FTR (Félag Tæknimanna í Rafiðnaði) - Lead- dir. 101.live


  • Dance (Intermediate): Ballet, Jazz Ballet, Modern, HipHop.
  • Language: Fluent in Spanish and English. I also speak Icelandic.
  • Sports: Gym teacher, Yoga, Running.

Pálína Georgsdóttir


+354 771-6973